What to Expect in a Driving School Curriculum?

Choosing the right driving school program can feel overwhelming. This guide breaks down what to expect at each stage of your Ontario driver's license journey, from G1 theory to G test prep.

by Ultimate Drivers | 29 January 2024

There are numerous myths surrounding driver’s education and driving schools, and the presence of less reputable operators can complicate the process of distinguishing between a reliable school and a less trustworthy one. Whether you are trying to determine if driving school is the right choice for you or simply want to learn how to effectively assess a driving school you are considering, we have compiled this guide to assist you in separating fact from fiction and making a well-informed decision.

Kinds of Driving Programs Offered Through Driving Schools

Choosing the right driving school program can feel overwhelming. This guide breaks down what to expect at each stage of your Ontario driver's license journey, from G1 theory to G test prep.


  1. G1: Learning the Rules

       No driver's ed required - focus on studying the MTO Driver's Handbook and online practice tools.

       Pass the written G1 test before hitting the road with a licensed driver.


  1. G2: Gearing Up for Practice

       MTO-approved instructors guide you through 20 hours of online/classroom theory, 10 hours of quizzes, and 10 hours behind the wheel.

       You get a course completion certificate on your record, a car insurance discount, and reduced G2 wait time.

       If BDE theory isn't your cup of tea, opt for in-car lessons only.

       Always look for MTO-approved instructors on the Ministry's website.


  1. G: Getting Road-Ready

       Refine your skills with 5-10 hours of in-car practice, focusing on areas like highway driving.

       Consider using your instructor's vehicle for the G test to boost your confidence.

       Many driving schools offer test day pick-up and refresher lessons.


  1. Court-recommended

       If your license is suspended or points lost, this Ministry of Transportation-approved course helps regain driving privileges or simply refresh your skills.


Benefits of Joining a Driving School

But driving school isn't just about the finish line. Here's why it's crucial for every budding driver:


  1. Save Big on Insurance: Think 10-20% off your auto insurance premium! Completing a BDE course signals to insurance companies that you are a safer driver. That translates to thousands of dollars saved each year, especially in Ontario's high-rate environment.


  1. Increase Your Passing Odds: Nervous about the road test? Fear not! Good instructors know the examiner's expectations and will coach you on your weak spots. Did you know a simple head turn during mirror checks can make a difference? These insider tips boost your chances of passing, with potential pass rates skyrocketing after driving school.


  1. Early Highway Access: G1 drivers can't tackle 400-series highways alone. But with a certified instructor, you can log essential highway hours before your G2 test. This prepares you for real-world driving and gives you an edge when your G2 arrives.


  1. Boost Your Driving Record: Completing a BDE course leaves a permanent mark on your provincial driving record. This invisible certificate tells insurance companies you are a responsible driver, further lowering your insurance costs.


How to Choose a Top-Notch Driving School?

Navigating the world of driving schools can be tricky, but fear not! These points will equip you with the knowledge to spot the shining stars from the back alley operators.


        MTO Approval

Only MTO-approved schools meet the Ministry of Transportation's standards for curriculum and instructor qualifications. Steer clear of any school not on the official list – they may be offering inferior education or even operating illegally.


    Instructor Credentials

Don't be fooled by friendly faces. Make sure all instructors are properly certified and insured by the MTO. Ask to see their licenses and insurance documents - it's your right! Remember, unlicensed instructors lack the training and qualifications to keep you safe.



Online reviews can be helpful but beware of inflated star ratings. Compare reviews across platforms like Google and Yelp to get a more balanced picture. Look for consistency and mention of specific instructors (both good and bad). Remember, genuine praise outweighs a sea of generic five-star wonders.


Wrapping Up!

Going to driving school is a crucial part of becoming a safer driver. Even though you might only go to driving school once, the good habits you learn will stay with you forever. If you are searching for driving lessons in Ontario, look no further. Contact us at 'Ultimate Drivers,' where we offer affordable driving lessons with our qualified instructors. Your journey to becoming a skilled driver starts here!

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