How to ace the G2 driving test in Ontario

7 key suggestions to ace the G2 driving test in Ontario.

by Ultimate Drivers | 10 February 2023

Want to start driving on your own in Ontario with a G2 license?
You are covered by Ultimate Drivers.
Our most knowledgeable and certified driving instructors provided their tips for passing the G2 road test on your first attempt to aid you.

7 key suggestions to ace the G2 Test.

1. Take certified driving lessons:
The first tip is to take lessons with a licensed driving instructor. Driving instructors advise on what to improve upon while teaching driving techniques and G2 rules.

The instructor emphasizes building good driving habits not just for the test, but for your long-term road safety.

2. Practice, practice, and more practice.
The more driving practice you can get in the car, the better.

You’ll be more capable of controlling your car and better equipped to operate it on your own.

The practice also increases self-assurance for the G2 test.

Additionally, make an effort to practice driving in the vicinity of the road test to become accustomed to it.

3. Perform a driving test simulation with a driving instructor.
Perform a test simulation with your driving instructor before your G2.

Your driving teacher will give suggestions for practice and make sure you’re meeting the test criteria.

A test simulation helps reduce test anxiety.

Driving instructors will open the identical assessment form used by Drive Test examiners and mark you appropriately during a typical G2 test simulation.

As a result, you will be able to identify your areas of driving strength and weakness before the exam.

4. Be comfortable with the vehicle.
If your test vehicle is different from the one you’ve used for practice, you could make mistakes even if you may feel very at ease in that car.

Consider the layout of the car if you’re in a different vehicle.

Adjust your seat and mirrors, locate the parking brake, and glance at the shifter.

Familiarize yourself with the dashboard’s general design.

To improve your chances of passing the road test, if at all possible, practice in the car, you’ll be driving.

5. Pay attention to vocal orders.
Pay attention to your examiner’s spoken instructions, particularly when to brake.

Your examiner might be forced to halt the car, which would result in an automatic failure if they believe you won’t stop.

Your test-taker is not attempting to deceive you.

You should pay close attention to their vocal orders because they’ll be trying to gauge how well you can follow directions and respond to criticism.

Ignoring what your examiner is saying is a certain way to flunk your driving test, so pay close attention.

6. Be a bobblehead.
Being aware of your surroundings is a crucial ability, but it’s crucial for your road test in particular.

Your examiner can tell that you’re aware of your surroundings if you’re constantly moving your head.

Check driveways, look for pedestrians, and check intersections before entering.

Additionally, driving instructors will observe your head motions to make sure you’re performing them correctly.

While you might simply move your eyes while driving in reality, an examiner can’t determine if you’re doing so, which is where head-turning comes in.

7. Relax and be confident.
Examiners could be more forgiving because they are aware that you lack experience for your G2 test.

There is no reason you shouldn’t feel confident for the road test if you are a proficient driver, have prepared, and have participated in a test simulation with a qualified driving instructor.

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