Safety Driving Tips for Ontario Drivers in winter

Tips to consider in winter while driving in Ontario

by Ultimate Drivers | 15 December 2022

Winter brings potentially dangerous driving conditions along with colder temperatures, snow, and ice. In Canada, Driving in winter becomes a tough challenge because of poor visibility and slippery roads.

Although the winter weather in Ontario is typically unexpected, you can drive safely and stay safe by taking extra precautions and being extra prepared.

Here are some winter driving safety tips for Ontario drivers.

1. Install Winter Tires:
Traction is crucial for smooth motion, turning, and stopping In slippery, icy, or wet conditions.

Putting winter tires on your vehicle:

Enhances control and traction in icy, snowy, and frosty conditions
Decreases braking distances by up to 25%
Note: Always install four winter tires — never combine various tire types in the same vehicle.

2. Drive Slowly:
Driving can be hazardous if the roads are covered with snow, slush, black ice, or fog. So the best way to drive safely in such conditions is to drive slowly and stay in control.

Avoid using cruise control on wet, snowy, or icy pavement because it affects reaction time and vehicle control.

When driving in a curve or slippery condition, steer carefully because you may slide if you apply hard braking, accelerate quickly, or change gears abruptly.

Note: In case you slide, release the brakes and move the vehicle in the desired direction.

3. Keep Sufficient Space:
Drive slowly and keep sufficient distance between vehicles because it takes longer to stop on slippery roads.

4. Enhance Visibility:
While driving in winter, it’s very important to clear all snow from the hood, roof, windows, and lights to enhance visibility. In situations with poor visibility or total darkness, use the full lighting system of your vehicles.

Note: Pull over safely if the situation worsens, and wait for the weather to get better.

5. Stay Focused:
Even a tiny distraction while driving can be quite risky. So always be attentive about the road surface, especially in winter.

Note: The surface should seem white and grey in the winter. It might be covered in ice if it appears dark and shiny.

6. Get Prepared:
Keep the gas tank full- Be cautious, prepare ahead of time, and make sure you have sufficient gas when driving in poor weather. Maintain the fuel level at least halfway.

Keep an emergency car kit — Always keep the necessary winter safety and emergency supplies in your vehicle.

For Example- Water (in plastic bottles to prevent breakage in the event of freezing), Food, A Blanket, Extra clothing and shoes, A First aid kit — with a seatbelt cutter, A Small shovel, A scraper, and snowbrush, Candles, and matches, Crank flashlight, Roadmaps, etc.

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